The blog

A place for me, your host, to write about science, specifically biological science in diverse forms. Chief goal: to explore the ways in which science dispels the cruder forms of mystery without negating wonder. Likely favourite topics: evolution and natural history, with a focus on genetics and development. Creationists and other anti-science lobbyists will often supply the questions. But this is not an anti-religion blog. It’s a pro-science, pro-reason, pro-reality blog.

Your host

I am a science professional (biologist, PhD) and amateur philosopher, an agnostic (like all smart people), a writer, a thinker, a lover of music. I like books and trains and theatres. I like churches but hate religion. My friends think I’m funny.

I am anonymous so as to have creative freedom apart from my employer.


I welcome comments and discussion, and anonymous commenting is fine. Comments from new commentators are held for moderation, so be patient. I may be in a very different time zone.

Copyright and reuse

The Art of World-Making is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license. In short, you are allowed to share, reuse, and even sell all content that belongs to me, with the requirement that you provide full attribution. Please note that I may use images or other content from others, with attribution, and the free license may not apply to those people’s work. Don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below with any questions about reuse or attribution.


The banner image

Much of my lovely banner is obscured in the new theme, but I like the theme better than the previous one, so this is the only place I can display the banner in full:


Left to right: Hume statue in Edinburgh, key quote from Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, sketch from Darwin’s notebook showing branching of lineages, Darwin statue at the NHM.

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